Brookline Beauty Nails & Spa

Information About New Safety Measures

Our commitment to your health and safety

We have modified our salon and physical space to accommodate the health and safety of our customers and staff.   You will see that while some things have changed, our mission has remained the same: our commitment to provide quality salon service, at a reasonable price, while operating at the highest levels of industry standards in cleanliness, health, and safety.  

Know Before Your Appointment


To ensure your health and safety, we are asking all customers to do the following:

  • At all times while inside the salon please wear a face mask that effectively covers your mouth and nose before entering the salon. 

  • Upon arrival we will provide hand soap and request that you thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap before we begin your appointment. You can expect our staff to do the same.

  • Weather permitting, our front door will be kept open for hands-free entry

  • We have implemented some physical changes that you will notice right away (see below)

  • If you are experiencing any health issues please postpone your appointment until after you have recovered and confirmed with your physician that it is safe to do so.   

Our attention is focused foremost to keeping you safe from COVID-19 while you are in the salon. Below you may find information on our existing and new safety protocols.

  • After every service we clean and disinfect manicure and pedicure stations 

  • Our staff wear masks and face shields to and follow proper hand washing protocols, as recommended by the CDC.

  • We provide a physical barrier between clients and employees by installing clear protective glass between manicure and pedicure stations

  • We will schedule more time between customers to reduce waiting times, as well as to minimize the number of customers in the salon at one time. We temporarily dismantled our waiting area for this reason. 

  • We invest in custom designed manicure and pedicure stations to optimize sanitary conditions. Our pedicure stations, for example, include a faucet and a drained basin to ensure fresh water with every use.

  • We use medical-grade (autoclave) equipment to sterilize non-disposable implements and use single-use tools like buffers and files. 

  • We are careful to choose products that minimize odors. This is the reason we do not apply acrylics due to the cancer-causing and toxic levels of these products.

As always, we truly value your business and appreciate you choosing Brookline Beauty Nails & Spa.